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Personal Projects (play on the web)

  • Willpower: A strategy game about surviving on a stranded isle

Commercial Projects

  • The Mandarin Project: A series of experimental language learning games meant to teach Mandarin Chinese in a more immersive environment

  • Open Spaces: A visual novel about dealing with anxiety and agoraphobia

  • Pumpkin Days: A farming/dating RPG similar to Harvest Moon, but set in a large open world with over 60 NPCs

Genre: Farming Dating Sim
Role: Writer, Community Manager

Pumpkin Days is a farming/dating RPG similar to Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, and Stardew Valley.  The focus here was to use similar mechanics to these tried and true franchises, but with a large, open world and a strong focus on multiplayer.

The game prided itself on having a very expansive world with many hours of gameplay, so a total of 63 NPCs were designed.  Each character had their own unique dialogue about romance, the weather, and just life in their respective town in general.  In total, I ended up writing about 30k words for the project, on top of writing the team's monthly newsletter, managing the Discord, and making sure a steady stream of social media content was sent out each week.

Genre: Experimental Language Learning Game
Role: Research Specialist/Writer

The Mandarin Project was a series of experimental language learning games that used a large 360 degree screen to immerse students in various locations in China.  The program involved exploring virtual settings where students could interact with characters speaking Chinese, as well as interacting with 360 degree panoramic photographs of real locations in China.

My job was to put together a narrative that not only made these interactions and learning objectives more engaging, but also tied these two types of interactions together in a way that was coherent.

Genre: Slice of Life Visual Novel
Role: Writer

Open Spaces is a game developed by Queenship Studios, a company that makes games aimed at helping people cope with mental health issues.  This game specifically was about a variety of anxiety issues, including agoraphobia, PTSD, social anxiety, abandoned child disorder, and more.

Preparation for the game involved meeting with multiple sufferers and mental health experts alike to discuss the proper way to execute a project such as this.

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