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10% discount for projects with LGBT themes or projects meant primarily for education!


Lore/Character Docs ($0.06 per word)

Sheets that describe a character and what makes them tick, a culture and their traditions, an environment the player can explore, etc. From my experience, one of these usually hovers around 250-500 words.

Prose Writing ($0.08 per word)

Long-form writing for a visual novel or other story-heavy game. This can absolutely include branching and change based on context, but will still have many lines that flow one into the other.

Barks/NPC Dialogue ($0.11 per word)

Charts of dialogue, usually in spreadsheet form, where a character will draw upon a single line at a time when a context is met.


Developmental Editing

($15 half hr consult, $30 hr consult)

Meant for stories early in development. I'll help you unstick your outline, analyze your characters, and find your direction.

Proofreading ($0.02 per word)

Usually done after the story's first rough draft, I'll look over your script for spelling and grammar mistakes, character inconsistencies, etc.

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